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If you are looking to hire specialist painters for industrial floor painting in Leeds well then get in touch with us. We have been in business for over 20+ years as your local industrial painting contractor in Leeds Industrial floor preparation and floor painting are a few of the specialist services that our company offers or clients in the area.

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If you are just in need of the usual interior and exterior decorating services we can help with that. We will paint walls, ceilings, doors and windows as you would expect from a house and commercial painting contractor. However if you specialist painting and decorating services for an industrial job well then that is where we specialise. 

In the event that you are aiming to paint a factory floor, a garage floor or a shop well then you can get in touch with us. We are your local painting contractor and we provide you with the specialised industrial painting services that you want for those floor painting jobs. We will provide you with the total turn-key solution for your industrial floor coatings job. We will handle everything that is required from the diamond grinding of concrete floors along with any concrete floor repairs that may include crack and loose concrete repair work. We look after all the preparation works required before the setup of resin floors and any other epoxy resin floor coating. Well then we apply the finishes for the perfect finish.

For your commercial property flooring and work areas you can certainly add an epoxy resin finish that looks really good. And yet epoxy resin flooring in addition provides numerous convenient benefits over a polished concrete surface too.

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When you need a high quality hygiene flooring an very easy to clean epoxy coating will ensure you with a uniform sealed finish that is very easy to clean. If you are concerned about slip risks, well then we can certainly add a fine grit to the resin coating before it is used. This will offer you with a very high level of slip resistance in an very easy to look after floor surface.

Oil spills in garages can certainly damage conventional oil based painted floors. Our epoxy resin for industrial floor coatings has definitely been created to be chemically resistant. They in addition ensure an added antislip resistance over paint and are particularly well fit for garage flooring and showrooms. Our company still offer our customers the choice of conventional garage floor paint. And yet with all the benefits that you obtain from epoxy resin and polyurethane resin floor coatings why would you pick the lesser choice? Our company are able to ensure you with epoxy resins appropriate for anti fixed floors for those operations who produce or handle delicate electronic devices.

Our company have just recently carried out the complete floor preparation and application of epoxy resin flooring to several multi-story car parks. Our company were hired as the main painting contractor on these contracts due to our capability to complete the work from the preliminary industrial floor preparation, right through to the application of the finished coating system. For these contracts we were expected to use a heavy duty floor epoxy screed because of its wear resistance. When it comes to the car-park painting contracts we have used an anti slip coating for the ramps. Our company in addition managed the line marking for the pedestrian walkways and parking spaces.

Inside the landing platforms and stairwells our staff were tasked with painting a decorative floor coating. For this we used an epoxy coating with a number of various coloured dyes added to create a swirling pattern across the floor. This flooring is also slip resistant along with being chemically resistant – so it’s safe for pedestrians and cleaning chemicals will not affect the appearance or the design.

If your objective is to keep the steelwork and ventilation ducting visible in the ceiling of your structure then you might be in need of an onsite spray painiting service to pain them all? We can help with jobs like these. We also carry out the intumescent painting to build up fire protection to structural steelwork.

We are your local domestic and industrial fit out decorators in Leeds Why not give us a call when you are in need of a reliable painting contractor for industrial floor painting in Leeds We offer a free site survey and written quotation for your work without commitment. If you have an interest in learning more about getting an epoxy floor applied then give us a call. The epoxy paint resins are offered in a series of colours you can select from. Give us a call and we will more than happy to send you a colour chart and details about the epoxy flooring choices. We also use a free site survey if you believe your needs are a little more challenging or if you have extremely specific requirements.

When you are looking for help or advice on epoxy coating for a factory floor, a garage floor and even a floor at home – get in touch with us to begin with. Our firm are the resin flooring experts in Leeds If you have any concerns regarding an epoxy floor then give us a call to discuss your needs and your job.

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