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When you’re ready to take on a local painting and decorating contractor in Leeds to paint a school, college or university?.

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Having been a skilled painting and decorating contractor in Leeds for as long as we’ve been, we have earned a fantastic reputation for being school and college painting and decorating tradesmen and we have in addition we have on top of that we have completed the painting and decorating of numerous universities in different parts of the country.

When you need to take on a painting contractor for your school or college just call on us because we have the experience and skills to complete your undertake your project. 

We are the most professional commercial painting contractors with lots of experience serving the local authority in Leeds on school and college decorating projects. We’re one of the few decorating contractors Leeds local authority regularly turn to to undertake school programmed maintenance and repairs.

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We are very concerned with health and safety and everything in our power to provide for the health and safety of the school pupils and staff as well as that of our own workers.

Events will arise when you have an immediate requirement for a painter and decorator at your school or college. Maybe it’s because that’s because of vandalism or graffiti outside the school or college building that needs to be painted over quickly. You are in safe hands with us. We’ve got the specialised machinery to be able to get rid of the graffiti quickly and we can have the offending area painted over without delay. We can carry out this type of work outside school hours or over the weekend so that we won’t disrupt your students or staff.

From the successful completion of a number of high profile university decorating projects across the country we have worked hard to earn a reputation for our great painting on several large projects. Regardless of the fact that we are one of the most professional commercial decorating firms around Leeds and we like to work local, when it comes to large scale contracts for example schools colleges and university painting and decorating you can be sure that we will be happy to travel up to 100 miles away from Leeds. University decorating jobs close to Leeds do not come up often.

Very often day to day wear and tear on the wall paint in busy areas in the school and college environment is harsh so we frequently suggest our clients choose a durable and washable paint for the walls of busy spaces such as hallways.

It is frequently the situation that many painting and decorating companies will only use these more durable paints in washrooms and kitchens but we suggest that it should be selected for use on any walls within the classrooms, study halls and libraries also.

The types of painting tasks we have undertaken for schools colleges and university painting include the painting of classrooms, spray painting and gym redecoration. We’ve become the specialists in the painting of science labs, libraries and study halls with the very minimum of disruption. To make your job easier we will also undertake all of the internal painting and decorating of wooden flooring including the preparation of, sanding and varnishing of the gym, assembly hall floors or the floors in any sports courts inside the school or college building.

 Where any line marking is needed for walk ways and sports courts we will undertake that task also.

Whenever there is a need for exterior decorating at schools and colleges We’re happy to complete all the necessary preparation works including power washing to get the walls ready for masonry painting. Certain aspects of the external decorating work such as window frame painting, the cleaning and painting of guttering, the soffit and the fascia can often be slow and difficult work but we are happy to do it all..

When it is time for you to hire school or college painters in Leeds or you want to hire specialist university decorators in Leeds call on us. Have us call to your school or college and provide you with a free survey and a no obligation written quotation for your work.

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